My Go To Green Smoothie Recipe When Im On The Go

I wanted to share with you my go to green smoothie when I have a busy day ahead and don’t have time to make breakfast. This smoothie is high in protein and healthy fats which will keep you fuller for longer plus, its full of all the nutrients your body needs to kick start the day.

I always create a smoothie so that it has 3 important elements 

1.         Protein

2.         Healthy fats

4. Avocado or Banana (to make it a thick consistency)

3.         Lots of greens and fruit



  • A Scoop of Vegan Vanilla or Chocolate protein powder (I tend to use Form Nutrition as iv’e tried loads of vegan protein and this is the one that doesn’t leave that bitty taste in your mouth)

  • ½ Banana

  • Handful of spinach

  • x1 tsp nut butter

  • x1 tsp Green Powder vitamin mix

  • 200 ml Almond milk

  • Ice cubes

    Go on give it a try and let me know what you think!

Bekah x

Rebecca DaviesComment