Lottie Murphy Tells Us How She Turned Her Passion Into A Career


We had the pleasure of meeting with the Lottie Murphy, pilates instructor, blogger and vlogger and all-round vivacious babe. You may have seen her rocking our activewear from our recent photoshoots but we wanted to sit down and have a proper catch up! 

What is a typical day like for a multitasking business woman like yourself? 

Like lots us today, I have many different hats to wear when it comes to my “job”, putting that in quotation marks because I don’t see myself as even having a proper job. I have a life and a career and the two are very much entwined. I’m all about work/life balance and as a Pilates teacher and lifestyle wellness blogger, there’s definitely no 9-5 or even Monday to Friday work week. I might be teaching, organising events and retreats, writing, shooting, reviewing restaurants, attending a press launch, meeting brands and photographers, researching, travelling and within that I love working out, cooking, seeing my friends etc, so a day in the life doesn’t really exist but I love it and try to find routine where I can. I have my set classes and clients I teach in London and get up early most days to teach or workout. I love that I can sit and work on my laptop with friends that have similar lifestyles to mine as it makes me feel like I have colleagues and a little office set up. I also travel a lot so I’m constantly in and out of London which is a dream. City life is amazing and exciting but there’s a pressure to attend lots of events and constantly be switched on so regular getaways are a must for me.

What do you love most about your job?

I really do love every aspect of my job. I love teaching Pilates to people especially at my events and retreats as I get quality time with them and it’s so rewarding to see Pilates transform someones life. I also love creating content for my blog, Instagram and Youtube whether that’s writing a blog post, filming my vlogs or doing a little photoshoot. It’s so diverse. I love travelling and I even love the sitting on my laptop days replying to exciting emails or organising goody bags for events. It’s all so wonderful and I feel very grateful.

Your favourite way to break a sweat is Pilates – how did you get into it?

It all started at ballet school. I studied at Central School of Ballet and we did daily Pilates as part of our conditioning.  A lot of students found it boring, just something we had to do to prevent injury. But I loved it and spent an hour every morning on my mat before class. So when I moved to London looking for work I decided to train as a teacher. I was probably one of the youngest teachers, giving me a nice niche to inspire younger people to take up Pilates.

Who has been your biggest inspiration? And why? 

Lots of people inspire me for different reasons. I look to the women who first inspired me to start doing what I do years ago and have created huge personal brands through the power of social media.They continue to inspire me daily like Ella Woodward, Madeleine Shaw, Cat Meffan, Shona Vertue, Sassy Gregson-Williams and Natasha Oakley. Then I’m inspired daily by the women closest to me, my Mum and my best friends who are all the beautiful wonderful humans. They lift me up daily. They are all so real and changing people’s lives just by being such shining lights through their work as school teachers, counsellors, working in offices, teaching yoga or meditation or just taking the time to sit and have a cuppa and chat with someone.

With such a busy schedule, what dietary and fitness habits do you swear by to stay energized? 

Regular movement is a must for me. If I’m not exercising regularly, I feel lethargic unmotivated and sluggish so booking myself in for classes, running and taking time on my mat at home are high on my priority list. I love whole nourishing food, cooking from scratch and avoid diet plans or anything that feels extreme or restrictive. I look at my lifestyle as a whole and have a very relaxed balanced but health conscious approach to everything I do. Rest and sleep are huge for me too. I’ve burnt out too many times and am finally understanding the importance of listening to your body and the power of sleeping 8 hours a night!


What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned starting your own business and working for yourself? 

Working for myself has definitely made me a better decision maker and to learn to go with my gut more as it’s often always right. It’s very easy to be influenced and pulled down the wrong road and as much as I’m all for new opportunities, opening doors and flowing through life, I still think it’s important to stay focused on your own path and always stay true to yourself.

What is something folks might not know about you outside of your professional branding?

I don’t consciously think about my professional branding so this is a tricky one for me. I genuinely share my whole self in a way that feels comfortable to me online which is why I hope people find me relatable and approachable. As quite introverted and have to work on my confidence daily. I love being in small groups of people and only really open up fully to my small circle of friends and family.

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to take the next step in turning their dreams jobs into reality? 

It didn’t happen overnight for me. I just kept doing what I was doing and enjoyed every moment and over the years I’ve ended up where I am today. I’m really content with my work and my life and I don’t think you necessarily need to have a niche. Just be you, there’s room for everyone. I’m a bit of an overthinker and worrier which I think is a common trait in entrepreneurs and people who want to achieve their dreams. It’s something you have to practice every day to avoid slipping into those habits of thinking “what if” or “look what that person is doing” – just get your coffee, your to do list and smash it!

Words by Lottie Murphy

Instagram / @lottiemurphy_

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