The Importance Of Sleep With Mio Skincare

When it comes to our health, sleep is just as important as eating a balanced diet and getting enough exercise. It’s the time when our minds and bodies get a chance to rest and recover as well as repair. Who hasn’t found that a bad night’s sleep leads to feeling out of sync the next day? A lack of sleep can leave us feeling sluggish and de-motivated and more seriously, can often be linked to serious illnesses such as anxiety or depression. But what can you do when sleep doesn’t come that easily?


Forget counting sheep - a simple night time routine can work wonders. Firstly, make sure you switch off all electronic devices for at least an hour before you go to bed. Aside from being an unnecessary distraction, it can activate your brain at a time when you need it to be slowing down. A warm bath and mindfulness practice can also help you to feel relaxed. Mio Skincare Liquid Yoga range is one of our favourites; it’s packed full of soothing essential oils, mineral salts and herbs to help bring you instant calm. Drop a generous measure of their gorgeous Liquid Yoga Bath Soak into your tub, to help ease away tension and soothe muscles. Utilising Arnica, antioxidant-rich Fig Extract and a powerful punch of essential oils, including Lemon Peel, Cypress Leaf and Lavender, it’s designed to help you feel instantly happy and relaxed.


Environment can also play a part in helping you switch off, so make your bedroom is an oasis of calm. Ensure that the light is sufficiently dimmed – no-one needs a beam of light shining on their face at midnight - there are no noise distractions and it’s not too hot or cold when you slip in between the sheets. The good news is that Mio Skincare also do a Liquid Yoga Space Spray in their range, which you can mist all over your body and pillow to breathe in the soothing scent of lavender.


Only you know how many hours sleep you need – some people can get by on fewer hours than others, but if you’re anything like us, a solid 8 hours is needed to see us functioning at our best! However long you need though, make sure you’re prioritising your well-being by truly switching off and giving your head enough time on the pillow.

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